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Sunday, March 1, 2009

British Virgin Islands Sailing for Women Adventure

Women Sailing, Sailing and Sailing in the clear blue sea!
British Virgin Islands Women Sailing & Self Awareness Adventures

"Living for the moment - Life holds a lot of treasure"
Arriving to the US Virgin Islands, I spent a few days with my dear friends Kris and hubby CW. They have a wonderful home on St. Thomas with fantastic views. I was spoiled with my own ocean view room. It was a delight after the long travel from India to Canada with an 8 hour turn around and then onwards to finally reach the Caribbean.

After a few days of rest I took the fast ferry from St. Thomas over to the Nanny Cay Marina on Tortola and picked up my 46 foot mono hull sloop rigged "Fantasea". I had two sailing for women 7 day trips planned with ladies arriving from around the world.

The BVI weather is fantastic with great winds for sailing and the water is warm for snorkeling
and swimming.

We hiked, snorkeled and created a morning yoga practice!

The second trip was interesting as I had three sets of women - mother and daughters. All on the same trip! This was not planned. How interesting that they created the experience together. They love to party too!

Of course women sailing is also a learning experience too! We even practice being knotty!

One of my favorite places to explore in the BVI is the famous Bath's on Virgin Gorda. Here we sail right to the island and find our way to the white sandy shore, then hike through the caves. They are breath taking!

I make so many friends. We love to explore the outer reefs to find the best snorkeling spots.

For me. My passion is being on the ocean. Discovering new places, spending time in warm, sunny places. Ultimately, I like to take the helm of my life and chart my own course. Through the contrast of my dailing, monthly and life experiences I gradually discover what brings me joy and happiness. What I have learned most so far is that true happiness, abundance, ideal health and contentment lies wihin me. The treasures outside of me are certainly tantilizing....yet once attained, I am ready for more. Thus, for this moment I going inside knowing that I AM perfect in every inherent wisdom knows for sure what is ideal in the now. And me being me is enough.

I love the Virgin Islands.

I will be back next year for more sailing and fun. You can always check out the website for updates on sailng dates for 2010. HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women - a personalized sailing experience for women. or

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