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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Greetings from the towering mountains of Meditation

"Be the witness of your thoughts.
You are what observes, not what you observe."

Greetings from Risikesh area - India. Just have a few moments to share. Coming and going from Ashrams, trips into the mountains...there is not much time for internet here in the land of great simplicity.

Photos with friends and scenes of Laxman Jula near Rishikesh

Phool Chatti Ashram

Of course Ganga Ma (the Ganges River) represents the flow of spiritual knowledge and energy from the towering mountains of Meditation. Her rapid lightening like cascades purify our minds and prana so that we can ascend into the heights.

"Let your love be the Sun. It shines on all equally." H.H. Dalai Lama

with love and light on the path ...Valma

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BVI - Sailing, Pirates, fun

Delight in the beauty that surrounds you!

Our 7th annual 2011 British Virgin Islands Women Sailing Adventure turned out fantastic. This year we had two 7 - day trips, each with a full crew of 6 and 7. Our first crew came from across Canada – British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia and the second crew came from Ireland and across the USA – Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Alaska, Florida.

One of our first crew was celebrating her 50th birthday and I was blessed to manifest a very special birthday event on our own private tropical beach on a private island owned by a famous local person. We arrived to the sunny tropical beach late afternoon, swimming, great food over the open grill and other party events took place. Here are a few photos with other photos being reserved for crew eyes only. The birthday girl had a number of first time’s on her BVI Sailing Adventure.

We even got to use the island during the second trip for a morning Yoga practice and a french toast breakfast over the outdoor grill.

The weather on our first trip was great with sunshine and winds between 15 and 19 knots. The second trip was more of a challenge with high winds between 22 and 28 knots during the day and gusting up to 35 knots at night. The second crew got lots of sailing and really learned how to harness the power of winches. Regardless, we sailed, swam and snorkeled every day.

Every single day was filled with great sailing, swimming and snorkeling, full moon parties, birthday parties, pirate parties and fantastic food aboard. Get a group of women together with all of the right ingredients and they sure know how to have fun!

We did enjoy delicious food ashore at a few interesting locations. One is called the Last Resort on a small island cay surrounded by reefs. The only way there is with the dinghy. There are a few lovely animals that live there and one decided to enjoy some left over!

I keep coming back each year because of the great weather, fantastic sailing, beaches are beautiful, underwater life is incredible and many of the islands are simple and quiet.

It is great to have repeat clients that love coming on our annual BVI Sailing Adventures. Thank you all that continue to make this happen and I look forward to next year. New dates coming shortly.

Have faith in your dreams - live large and BE confident that all is well!

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