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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Phool Chatti Ashram Life

Hari Om....

The Phool Chatti Ashram is 121 years old and lies at the scenic confluence of the holy Ganga and Hem rivers in the Himalayan foothills above Rishikesh. It is located along an ancient pilgrimage route into the headwaters of the holy Ganga. This site was considered ideal for an ashram to provide spiritual travelers with food and rest. As a result, Phool Chatti Ashram was founded in the late 1800s by the spiritually awakened sadhu, Sri Devi Dayal Ji Maharah, to serve his fellow sadhus and other pilgrims venturing into sacred territory.

The Phool Chatti Ashram lies on the banks of the holy river Ganga and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, lush forest, tranquil waterfalls and a bounty of animals. Phool means flower and Chatti means resting spot.

The Phool Chatti Ashram offers a unique 7-day intensive Yoga Retreat including meditation, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Karma Yoga, Pranayama, Pujas, chanting, contemplative walks and living in true ashram life. Lectures on the Power of Now and other interesting topics are also included.

The Phool Chatti Ashram is a very spiritual location and only attracts those who are ready to expand their consciousness and to remember who they really are. The vibrational frequency here is very high. I am grateful for this divine connection.

I have had numerous emails asking me if I have ascended. The Words from the great Indian Philosopher "Pantanjali" really do sum up my experience.

"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces facilitates and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person that you ever dreamed to BE."

I have discovered that I seek and love the connection with the essence of great spirit. I am Universal and Supreme consciousness. I do require my body to have the most profound experience here on earth. I am an instrument of this consciousness expressing through who I am in the NOW!

Since arriving here at the Phool Chatti Ashram, our Swami Lalita Ji has invited me to stay and live the ashram life offering my gifts through Karma Yoga. I will be assisting her, teaching, learning and BEING the instrument and essence of divine source in this unique program. When she told me that my vibration was operating at a very high level and asked if I would stay, I was not sure in that moment since I had committed to going to the second ashram.

She smiled and said, "go to the Holy Ganga and sit with her. She will guide you". And this is what I did.

While listening to Maa Ganga, another message came to me clearly from a book that I read at the ashram. The book is called "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari". In this book it talks about self less survive and giving to others that ask. The message came loud and clear for me to stay on for the next two weeks.

There are two more programs each with about 30 people until Dec 24th. Sitting around the evening fire, I told Lalita Ji (Ji means respect) that Maa Ganga had given me guidance to stay. She smiled with a look of joy and even seemed excited and delighted to have another woman assisting with her - well as much as a Swami can get.

Lalita Ji told me that she had put out an intention to attract more special people to assist in the ashram. Her last words to me before bed were, "We will give to each other and receive from each other. Completing the cycle." Now I practice Karma Yoga - self less service, utilizing all of my skills and learning many new ones too.

Today, I took the day off to play with Ashram students rafting on the holy river Ganges. Here are some of my playmates.

Another fun story. The drive to the launching spot took us on the upper road above where the ashram is located. I was in the back of the jeep - lucky not to be looking out the front - it was scary enough seeing everything out of the back. Making our way up a narrow windy road, it was like we flew up the Ganges River.

Upon arrival to the launching spot, the young man we had for the guide seemed a bit militant and grumpy. I decided that I would change my perspective. "Excuse me", I said with a big smile and enthusiasm. "What is your name? Raskesh "…and are you happy today? He looked at me and said sure mame?

Shortly after he pointed at me and told me my position was at the very front of the boat - no paddle, only holding onto the rope - and my command when he called out "CENTER - GO OUT!" Well this means that I kneel down chest to the bow of the raft with head over the front.

Have you ever been in the front seat of a roller coaster? Maybe I did not paddle...but I did take all of the water over the bow through the rapids...such as the roller coaster, double trouble, tee off, the golf course. Needeless to say it was a blast. I just prayed that much more to Maa Ganga to look after me and know that I was playing with her with joy, ease and grace. In the past this would have been a challenge for me.

Now it is the final day here in town to get everything posted, banking, more TP, fruit, nuts and of course some chocolate. A few girls and I starting walking from the ashram to town and I put out that we could hitch a ride. Well, we did alright.

A jeep stopped that had about 40 people piled in…men, women and children. I wondered where we would fit. They really wanted us to come with them. We were positioned at the tailgate standing up holding on for dear life as we turned the switch back along the mountain road. I was wearing a bindi today - of course I was going to town and it was time to be clean and dressed up. They were all laughing and cheering. It was interesting to see them so curious.

In town I left the ladies and walked the 20 minutes to Ram Jhulla to get my banking completed. Along the way I found a bench and sat down to send off emails. Next minute I had 10 cows around me, nudging, rubbing and playing...they wandered off.

Then a family of 8 laughing and asking..."where you from? do you have Hindi music?" I played Hindi songs and chatted until the other 10 of the family came along. We sang, danced and met the grandmother, the mother, and sisters. They offered me popcorn and asked for a photo.

After they left, an older man came and sat with me. We chatted for a while and then he told me that now I am his new sister. It just seemed that I was attracting wonderful people into my I had known them forever and meeting up like long lost pals.

The journey continued to still meet more people I had met previously. It has been a very pleasant fun day.

I have been focusing on Karma Yoga - the act of selfless serving. The words that ring for me:

Practice daily acts of kindness, give to those that ask, cultivate rich
relationships and self-lessly serve others.

Today, offering a smile and being enthusiastic and joyful about life has been an act of kindness. I noted that only a few people really asked me for something. For those I gave, either taking them to buy a chai or giving a few rupees.

Today, I was grateful to connect with my sweetie Clayton by skype. My computer has a camera so he was able to see me. Our connection was very clear and I felt a rich sense of cultivation and connection.

Now I leave for the Phool Chatti Ashram to self-lessly serve the 30 people that arrive tomorrow. I believe that the quality of my life comes down to the quality of my contribution.

Shukriya (thank you) to all of you that inspire, encourage and support me to realize my dreams.

I leave you with this one question and thought. "Are you living an inspiring life?"

Om Shanti!   Deep Peace

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