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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Blessing in New Delhi…

Oh, yes, so many wonderful events and little things to remember.

Visiting Mahatma Ghandi's resting spot at the Raj Ghat in New Delhi. This was really an amazing experience in the sense that it was very peaceful and I received my first blessing.

The day was very warm, sunny, quiet and even though there are thousands of people moving through to visit this site it seemed like I had him all to myself. There is a beautiful tree very close to his resting spot which is one of my favorite called a plumeria. Every person walks under the branches of this tree to get to the resting site.

After spending some time with Ghandi, the tree called to me. I stood by it under the branches and one of the branches lowered and touched my head giving me a blessing. It was peaceful, freeing, nurturing and calming. This is the quote from Ghandi that came to me at that time:

"Faith is not a thing to grasp, it is a state to grow to. And growth comes from within."

At that moment, I knew that I am truly I am growing, shifting and changing moment by moment.

The other thing that I found very interesting:

Before I Ieft for India, I had visions of seeing and meeting a Tiger. Well, I am sure that many people wish to see a tiger and I just put that out to the universe knowing that magic would occur. I even purchased a new mouse pad with a lovely picture of a tiger face.

The morning I arrived, I met with my friend Doreen. She had introduced me to Manzoor who she recommended should I require travel arrangements within India. Manzoor and I had been corresponding for my Delhi hotel and possible future business. Manzoor met me at the hotel that first morning along with Doreen and our chai tea.

Manzoor was asking me what I would like to experience here in India. Of course, after being up for 26 hours and high on caffeine, I was talking a mile a minute with so many things – AND - "I have a vision of a tiger" I told him. "Not sure what that really looks like or how, just putting that out there." He looked at me and said, "well it is possible".

On my last day before leaving, I met with Manzoor at his office to pick up my train ticket and go over other possibilities for India. At the end of our visit he brought out a very old red book that he had to dust off. He placed it on the desk and asked me to take a look inside.
Manzoor's father had been in the travel business for many years and loved doing business with people from Canada. Manzoor has also been in the business for a long time taking up after his father.

Inside this red book are letters from clients from around the world. I noted in the letters that there were many references to Manzoor as the Tiger. I laughed and realized that my vision had come true. I did get to meet and see a Tiger. One has to be ok with what shows up unless you are specific. Thus my new friend Manzoor is my token Tiger in India.

Ok more coming…

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